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Lepusheng correction stationery getting stronger in branding construction

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-23

"Using high-quality stationery,enjoying happy culture".It is not only display the fashionable stationery products,but also bring the happiness culture to each consumer.Lepusheng stationery is well-known for fashion,personality and find quality office supplies.Let each consumer has happiness when using Lepusheng stationery.



For more than ten years,Lepusheng stationery has been dedicated to the line of stationery products.To enjoy the brand reputation from the excellent stationery and getting better and better in correction series.Guangdong Lepusheng Stationery Co.,Ltd was founded in 1996.The accurate business philosophy make the "Lepusheng"brand getting higher and higher.Due to seek the high quality stationery product,Lepusheng has been opearting the productiong strictly in accordance with the standards set forth in the ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System.A series of our products like correction tape,correction fluid,gel ink pen have droduceing in the international standard system and ensure that each product according to the system.


Lepusheng staionery do the best in the domestic stationery market in a way,And also active participation in various kinds of exhibition,would like to enter the oversea market.And the correction series has passed the safety certificats in European and American countries such as EN71 PART3 and ASTM F963. It bring broad platform for the Lepusheng.


Lepusheng is aware of design is the soul of a product.There is a product development design center in Guangdong.Close to the fashion trend,combinging with the each characteristics.Pay attention to reflect comfortable,novel and hommization.Realize put the popular and practical into one.It is the design philosophy of Lepusheng.


Lepusheng correction stationery get the welcome of consumer once published.Simple and fashion are the characteristic for the Lepusheng's product.Keeping the original features and to build the happy culture idea.Lepusheng has stationery agents distribution in the China.It is one of famous correction products manufacturer in China.


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