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Practical skills on the stationery shop

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-09


With the penetration of network, shopping online is more widely accepted by people.Most of businessmen also made money online.Stationery industry gradually enter into network sales.But it don't mean all people in the stationery shop to be successful. Some poeple are expecting too much to online sales and lack of the right judge of investment, technical operation, product positioning, etc.So,how to achieve success in online sales?
The operations team of online shop is like a crew,it is need a plan including the flight altitude, flight time.It is need a good team and establish good talent reserve system.It is need 5 members in the initial stage:operations director (ruling all ,and mobilize all resources),creative design(appearance of shop or other visual is the person responsible for,including design,material design,photography,image processing etc.) IT technicist ,marketer and customer server.
Such best term should let the buyer find your shop,it is necessary to know the shopping hebait of buyer.According to relevant statistics show that there are  over 60% of key search, 20% of name search.So that we should do : first, let our products in the front of other during search;second ,improve the ranking in the search results;third,the products should be novel and different from other.
It is need better visual to retain the customers and the good reception skills.There are three knowledge for network including product knoledge,professional knowledge,operational knowledge.Keep the good communication with the buyer.
Improve the average transaction amount,it also improve the tatal profit of shop.There are a few methods as follows:
1.Buy with free:to expand the potential demand of customers,recommend pruoducts sales.
2.Free ship,recommend new products.
3.Marketing resources use in the high value of stationery products.
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