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Lepusheng cling together to held tug of war for New year

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-04

In the afternoon of December 30, 2012.Lepusheng company has lively and the sound of cheering and laughing over there and here under beautiful skies.Lepusheng stationery has hold a tug of war to celebrating New Year.Hundreds of employess were go in for tug of war to welcomed the 2013.


Before the game,the administrative vice president,Mrs Guo has made a passionate speech.To sums up the 2012 development siuation and encourage the staff to welcome the new challenge of the new year with the energetic spirit.She pointed out that the competition or the related culture activities are good for the enterprise value,it show the health and the positive for staffs.

There are eight teams to the competition,all of them have very well prepared before the game,they arrange formation,research the strategy and make a shouting slogans.After shouned of referee,the players made sufficient strength to pull back the rope,the center red line swing in the rope,and the audience's shouts and cheer bring the final.Teams of cheerleaders are also did most of the cheering for the players.

The bell rang, the winner players and the cheerleaders so excited to hug together.After fierce competition, the"strength team",which formed by injection molding workshop has won the competition.

The captain of the winning team, said: "we are very pleased to go in for these collectivity activities,it can show our corporate image.It not only improve our cooperation spirit  and good for health,but also remind us that we should pany more attention to our body and work."The other staff have said"The tug of war can to show our junior staff.it is good for enterprise."


The captain of the winning team take photo with leadership

It is not noly to provide the interest to the employess,but also strengthen the communication between departments.The employess to feel a lot of fun through the activities.This tug of war showing the Lepusheng team has an "unity heart". And the positive spirit of advance bravely.

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