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Lepusheng popularity correction tape with high attention

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-10

Hot model is the best sell product in the proudcts sales.A hot products always would bring the surprise to the people.And Lepusheng correction tape with the fashionable design and good quality,so that it always popularity.So,what is the hot sell model in student stationery for this year?Let's show it.

LPS correction tape No.9902

Skateboarding has been one of the cool fashion sports which seeked by the young people.It have the high adventure and very attractive.LPS correction tape No.9902 combines with the stationery function and the skateboard sport.The excellent design make the comfortable feel to the users.The popular elements leading the street fashion and new trend for student statioenry.(Click here to read more)

Basketball clothing correction roller No. 9620

Basketball clothing correction roller No. 9620 is the new item for Lepusheng in this summer.It will let you become the high-profile focus whether in the classroom or using.The cute model and unique design .Using three popular logo from NBA team.And show you the glamour of basketball.The bright colour collocation challenge your visual.(Click here to read more)

LPS new concept eyes protent correction tape No.9934

Besides the fresh,escort the students also the work of student product.LPS new concept eyes protent correction tape No.9934 is the new item protect you eyes.It have the double side design.The white and beige color can meet the different demand.It is propose you to do well in the eyes protent.So sweet correction product should be sell well as you see.(Click here to read more)

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