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Improve the added value of stationery brand and do the service well

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-20


          With the development of stationery industry in this two years,we can obviously feel the position of current domestic stationery industry has been changed from mainly on the export to pay equal attention to both inside and outside market, more and more stationery enterprises in calling upon the brand, only famous brand product can fun out of vicious competition, open the creative path of stationery.The construction of stationery brand is also the ascension of  the added value of Stationery products.



           Added value of stationery brand can be said to be the intangible assets of brand,is mainly refers to the brand visibility and reputation of the related products.In the past,stationery manufacturers mainly do OEM stationery, stationery exports is their main sales direction, and now with the increase of production cost, the currency's appreciation and the transfer of production area of the order, a growing number of stationery factory to pay attention to domestic market, it also increases the awareness of the stationery brand.


           Such a Increasing consciousness of market at present, the establishment of brand image is especially important, enterprise attaches great importance to the shaping of the brand image, not only to let the consumer know the brand, but also should let customers understand this brand, understand the grade the brand product, quality, etc.And enterprise culture construction, product ideas and service are the embodiment of the brand value of the enterprise.


           Although stationery products are fast consumable, in stationery management, service  is very important for consumers.Good service is not only a guide for the consumers but also can eliminate consumers doubt, in the after-sales period,we should should be timely follow up the feedback of the consumers.After all, from the point of social development trend, the service will also become the focus of any business.When the product quality, technical support are difficult to relatively low,then the service level will become a good tool to compete in the market for each big enterprise. 


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