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Trend of stationery development:low-end go to high-end

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-25

Since reform and opening up, most of stationery brands around the world has been to China market.And it cuased there are many high-end market be taken by the foreign brand.And the local brand only can gain the profits in the limite low-end market.So,how to make the student stationery manaufacting get to the high-end market and successful in brand upgrade is become one of problems for the stationery enterprise.

Office supplies manufacturing turn into the high-end model is not only the ways to close down outdated production facilities but also the primary stage of industry reshuffle.Including the change from quantity prodution to the quality production.Turn into the quality development then to improve the China stationery manufacturing.

Turn to the high-end stationery manufacturing is the basis of the stationery transformation.It has been included in the the 12th Five-Year plan.Besides the products innovation and techonlogy innovation.The innovation of the business model is regardd as the important contenct at home and abroad.The transformation of the profits,marketing,brand and development has bring one of spring of China stationery industry.And the key points is how to innovation in student stationery.

Facing the trouble in domestic market,many enterprises are combined to brand alliance or cooperation with other industrial then to make the marketing.Face on the pressure of cost and the  energy conservation and emission reduction.Stationery enterprise should to do well in the equipment innovation, process innovation, technology innovation,management innovation and so on.To reduce the pressure of costs and developing in the trouble.

Model transformation is the key of the student stationery manufacturing.Different enterprise will choose the different starting point but in same goal.

There are appear a lot of limited the drawbacks as the economic developing and the weakness market demand.At this point,the simple innovation may be limited.And the innovation also bring the model transformation .Only that to improve the structure adjustment and transformation upgrading.And to gain the expected effect.

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