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Lepusheng stationery summarized three model for current stationery online sales

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-24

Under the law of the jungle market,each enterprise all want to stand out.How to show to your consumers through various channels,to make out the consumers'desire to buy?It has be one of question for enterprises.To reduce the stationery cost and inventory.To do the advertise on cycle of  e-commerce and promotion.It is cheaper that the traditional media and more targeted.

There is much problems for stationery enterprises  to develop the e-commerce with broad market prospect in stationery market.Furthermore,some problems could't be solved as well as it cann't be  thoroughly to solve the area channeling goods in traditional channels.But it does not mean only can choose one kind of business bewteen online sales or offline sales.In fact,conflict can be resolve and wekened.

We must believe that no matter what kinds of problems can not stop the development of stationery industry into electronic comerce.To find the suitable development model is the key.So that it can effectively avoid much problems.Lepusheng stationery will show you the mainstrem network model as follows:

1.New brand with network direct sales model.Some companies will set up a new brand then just sales online.This kind of company always have the complete production,research and development,with the new brand channels management.It is separete with the traditional channels.It is the most useful model in current commerce mode.

2.Brand licensing business model.As early as in 2005, Li ning has accredited to a professional Internet sales company to sell out its inventory.And achieved a good results.This model is the lowest cost model.To directly to conduct online sales through the third party platform.Actually,stationery products also can be selled in same ways.It also the agent model on internet.

3.The business model for low price product.Difference from the above model,this kind of business is done by your own team.At the same time,you can sales the products through the B2C webestie or use third party sales platform.

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