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Stationery enterprise should strengthen channel management with the mutations of brand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-30


        The development of stationery industry in China  has a long  history, with the maturing of the industry, the pattern change of stationery industry  bigger and bigger.In the time of the channel , how to find channels is particularly important.




        When there is a goods-fleeing ,then finally the price system will be chaotic ,so that the effective management of channel transregional is the premise and necessary condition,then it can powerfully strengthen the channel management.


        First, unified manage to the channels


        As the market is small, companies should solve the conflicts  between companies and middlemen, unified policies of an enterprise, set up the service standards, for examplle ,  in order to quickly open the market, some stationery manufacturers choose  two or more general agent in the early period, our products,while between the two general agents,there is often a vicious price competition, so that it will appear  the situation that the market development  is not ideal though in the high brand awareness.Of course it needs management between factory and business,if they want to prevent goods-fleeing ,they should should strengthen patrol,and strengthen training to  prevent fall goods , to establish a rewards and punishments measures, by combining the humanized management and institutionalized management, so that cultivate the most suitable  relationship between manufacturers for enterprise development.


          Second, the channel professional management of customer data


         It's a  laborious chore for the terminal development , there are numerous branches, wide distribution areas , scattered sales, management difficulties, if we take all the matters in a time to manage thousands of consumers then the level of management  will be inefficient.So to establish a scientific ,orderly and focused management strategy is very practical for enterprises.


         Stationery company set up a management tool of ABC based on customer's distribution, business area and sales is a commonly way. Generally demands are:visits once a day for the class A customer , visit three times a week for class B customer , and visit once a week for the class C customer .Take different strategies for different levels of customer , so that there is a synchronous development of effective and elaborate.


         Third, the effective management of goods-fleeing


         To the transregional behavior of the market,stationery enterprises should see the real and resolutely crack down.No matter it's enterprise marketing or  personnel behavior, they should be punished severely according to the severity of the event. Only when the market in a stability, then the price will be stable, and the marketing staff can focus on their work, to recognize the compensation system of distribution according to work,so that  the market can have a healthy marketing environment,and the enterprise can continue to promoting  the  developed markets as long as possible ,at the same time, through the market promotion and the renewal of the product structure,the product life can cycle  within the enterprise, and finally the enterprise can be in an impregnable position in the intense market competition.


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