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How to make the good price in stationery business?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-01-29

The retail price of stationery is very important for stationery shore.The price is not only depend on the value of the goods itself.There are so many elements also limited the final retail price.

There are some points constitute the stationery retail price:one is the puchases price,there are the different price if puchase from differnt channel.Two,the fee of puchase,including all the spend during purchase.Thre,the price of product,sales price is the fee which happened during the sales.It is the sales cost.Four,the sales taxes,which should be pay for country.Five,the sales profits.

The cost of the product, the demand of the market and the competition in the market are affecting the product pricing. Cost is the minimum economic limit pricing in normal market.It is the basic factor  for the price.Low cost can keep the advantage and get the expected returns in the competitive market.It is necessary to know the demand elasticity of stationery products.The bigger elasticity,the bigger affection will be happened on the market once adjustment.So,increase the price on the speical time is a good way to keep the market share.Both the buyer and sellers are the recipient in the competitive market,they are not the decider of goods' price.Price is determined by the supply and demand completely.

In addition, the characteristics of the office supplies itself also affects the product pricing. Such as the quality of the goods itself also determines the pricing in high or low. At the same time, the brand influence is also affecting the market share.It can sales on high price if the prodcuts with high position.And usually the such price would not be accepted by comsumers and it also full consideration to the profits of the store.

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