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Revelation of hot trend for stationery online purchase

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-27


    According to authoritative statistics, there are more that 4.98 trillion yuan of China's electronic trading amount since the first half of 2013.It is up 54.3% from a year earlier. E-commerce, especially for the people who like to shopping online.But some of people worried about the safety of shopping online, and they are unable to understand why to choose the stationery online.With the rapid development of e-commerce, the security of online transactions is becoming more and more guaranteed.So, why does it so hot shopping online for stationery ?
Price cheaper than offline shop
    People who often shopping online would be know that the price of online shop is much cheaper than the offline.There are serveral reasons as following, the physical stores need pay for a monthly rent and the wages of staffs and so on.Most of online shop such as Taobao,Paipai are in the competition.A lot of online shop are do the meager profit but high turnover, they want to take more market share.
Manufacturers direct sales can avoid the fakes
    There are many counterfeit famous brand stationery products on the current market.And some of  illegal businessmen sell fake products.Shopping online ,there is the ways to rights complaints.So when you shopping online,it is necessary to view the evaluation of store.
Save shopping time and work
    It is a very painful thing to buy stationery supplies on a hot days or a heavy rain day.But you can buy the suitable stationery only sit in front of the computer and shopping online.To choose somethings verious kinds of supplies in all across the country. 
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