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Analysis the staionery manufacturers development in the furture market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-18

To see at the past half a year,there is the poor sell during the first half of 2012.The stationery products sales performance is worse than last years.There is the word to showing the helpless with "bad in this year and worse in next year".Rising cost,increasing labor cost and so on.To make a bad situation to the stationery enterprises.In such siuation,what do the stationfery manufacturers do?

Pay attention to market sequence then effective into the market

With the development of economy and the improved of the education level,the rapid development of the city.The consumers who in the three or four lines city,would touch more and more new things,including the new consumption idea,the consumer groups of three or four lines city are getting in the rational consumption.And the price is no longer be the first reason to choose somethings.They will pay more attention to the brand,quality or reputation.

Therefore, if stationery manufacturer want to take the three or four lines city that sell to the secondary or top market,it is not reality.To promotion brand or product from bottom will cause the cost stack and make the halving effect.So that  to choose a good market sequence is very improtant.

Pay attention to the affection for the primary and the secondary market then looks for the accurate target market

There are various kind of brand for consumer to choice in the the primary and the secondary market of cultural goods industry.Therefore, consumer have more choose chance in buying with scientific and reasonable.However,three or four lines market is so small that the stationery brand is in less.And the cousumer often more cautious.In this,the local stationery brand is almost could't competition with the brand in the primary and the secondary market or over the country.

As the primary and the secondary market are getting saturation and the acceleration of urbanization.The big brand of stationery industry will be creat a growth profit  in the three or four lines city.And in the brand,the local stationery enterprise always will get some problem in seemingly unintense competition.By that time,the enterprise publicity will be collapsed like dominoes.And the sales chanel will be cut off by the brand from  the primary and the secondary market.

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