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Three tips to solve the stationery inventory

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-23

The rapid development cause there are many similar brand and the high repetition in product.And the B2C product also make the compression to the traditional wholesale shops, retail stores.Then to cuase more and more inventory.The stationery mareket is constantly changing.The buying habits and aesthetic style are changing.Most of stationery enterprise are move the inventory through the disount  or promotion.And then do the terminal large scale promotion.In addition,there are the better tips can be help.

Resonable batch production

Small batch prodcution,multiband prodcution or the fast turnaround.The stationery manufacturer which take the such prouction model always can pulic the new product after a certain of sales,to ensure there is the new goods for dealers.And the small scale can avoid the largeinventory.But it is a test to the developing team in understand and grasp of market.And the logistics system must also keep up with the schedule.Most of dometic brand could't keep the new product month by month.But they can open the purchasing meeting and to rapidly changing with the market.

Reasonable collocation to reduce inventory

It is not to do the low-price promotion or the new products sell in blindly.The inventory stationery be sell out with the new stationery always can get the good effect.It is necessary to make keep the different stationery have the different price level between bundling sales.And choose some product in different stationery style.It will form the psychological suggestion to promote the consumers to buy.

Prediction market before make marketing

The popular of the the student stationery decided the improtant of sales time.Once miss the best time,the product may become the inventory.What is going popular?What is the demand of consumer?The marketing department needs to do the resarch before.It is not noly to depand on the desiger to catch the popular news in the market demand.Enterprise should to do the better adjust through inventory analysis and research.

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