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Five future development opportunities of stationery export

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-15


          In recent years, with  the development and the change of the trade environment of stationery industry, more and more trade problems begin to appear, such as the international spending is falling, the factors of production and cost advantage is losing,stationery manufacturers lack of pricing power and ability to innovate and understanding of overseas markets and consumers.In a tough environment of foreign trade,then do stationery enterprises have the opportunity of development?The answer is yes, Lepusheng will show you the five opportunities about stationery exports in the future:



          First, the support of international macroeconomic policy


          At present, our country have formed a set of relatively complete system of export promotion for the product exports.Export incentives can be divided into three types: first, the direct impact of factors which will effect the exchange rate at the inlet and outlet;Second,the policy itself is not directly involved in the exchange rate at the inlet and outlet of the variables;Third, the policy itself does not affect the amount, but can offer convenience for enterprise's export and import.


         Second, the mature and perfect the back-end of the supply chain


         It is not to deny the fact that China has a mature and perfect the back-end supply chain, for many years of production experience and maturity will make it has a solid production base in China, so there are orders of southeast area,but the quality is also can't reach the existing supply ability for China,and the production capacity is not as comprehensive as it in China.


          Third, the international leading electricity new mode of foreign trade and national level


          The development of e-commerce,make domestic trade channels more broad, and the e-commerce business platform has become more and more comprehensive.As the issued supporting policies of the electrical business,there are stationery enterprises related to electric business platform.The subsidies which gives by the government for the e-commerce platform is a major cause.


          Fourth, cheap and fine products


          China is stationery exporter in the world, not just because of the quality of the product, but also the product price has more advantages.Because of the cheap labor in China, on average, the price of natural product is low.As stationery industry competition intensifies, some manufacturers also try very hard to hold down prices, which have the low price products.Nevertheless,there are advantages of stationery products quality, therefore,there are the advantage of cheap Chinese stationery products.


          Fifth, the large number of entrepreneurs interested in pushing Chinese brand


          Long-term OEM production makes the stationery manufacturers lose the product pricing power,and with the augmentation of the brand consciousness, the huge stationery entrepreneurs have realized that only the brand can let the product go farther,then they do a lot around the brand construction.While to let the brand to go to the international market,it needs a period of time.


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