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How does China stationery brand into the international market?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-08

The 10th China international stationery gift fair had held in Ningbo in 29 March.The exhibition area has 30000 square meters,and more than 600 exhibitor display various kinds of stationery gift.Althourgh those exhibitor has a certain strength,to go to the world stationery market,there are much problems in front.

Brand should attract and needs connotation

China is the biggest production of statonery in World.There are so many stationery exporting all over the world from China by minute.The developing of China brand is exciting,however,we also have to worry about whether the market can fully acceptable China stationery or not.

There is the source,data shows that the international brands have accounted for two-thirds in China high-end market and the supermarket.And there are less share for China in the market.It also needs work hard in the service that to make the brand be accepted by the market.Lepusheng stationery thinks that the key of stationery brand is to meet the demand of customer consumption  level and mental level.And constantly to explore new demand.

More popular and internationalization

Break the tradition framework and conquer the market with innovation.It is the spirit which displayed by the China stationery design in recent years.Stationery manufacturers needs to gain core competitiveness of it that to locate its position in the market and industry.

At present,China stationery design still in the stage of start.There is the distance between the required by the world famous brand with unique style.To break the stationery homogeneity,And to form the own style.It is needs rely on the international vision and unique design concept.Using he modern technique  to establish the more popular design system.

Marketing method should more diverse

The market economy developing so far,there are many marketing operation in the market.Under the certain control of the branding position,China stationery enterprise can try to changing the sales channel,including building interactive platform or e-commerce marketing and so on to gain more marketing share.And the key of marketing is to important the communication between customers and brands.

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