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Hard to control the relation between stationery factories and distributor

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-30

It is easy to find there is some changing between stationery factories and distributor because of the declining profits of stationery market and the saturated sales.

There are the own interests should be aintain as well as dealers should to survive in the bad market.Although there is a heavy swells under calm.it is harder and harder to control the relation between stationery factories and distributor.

Problem one:spend more but have less

Many general agent  can expand the new market quickly and gain the high level of stock and office point.But most of them are based on the customers. But there are no so many amount purchased if share to each customer.

Problem two:lack of channel regulation and maintenance

There are some insiders think that in general,the image and products diplay of company's office or the sales point are more important than the ending users of stationery agent .It shows that some stationery agent only pay attention to the shop but without any after sales service.That is why change customers frequently.And a few of stattionery dealers in order of volume,lack of plan.

Problem three:fault information

In general ,regional general agent is the connection bridge between upstream manufacturers and downstream terminal.It is including the logistics and cash flow and the information such as sales situation,market condition,inventory condition and brand stage plan and so on.But now there are some  stationery agent are stop the feedback between upstream and downstream. Although imformation is intangible,it is very important.The development of an enterprises  might go wrong if without such information.

Problem four:too fast in the brand agent

Mos of stationery agent after operation of a brand successflu,they will agent other brand quickly and hop to expand the business as soon as possible.On one hand form a certain scale and expand the market share.On the other hand,it is good for to avoid operation risk.Be bigger is good but need a consolidate foundation.There are will appera the negative effects such as insufficient human resources reserves or difficulties in cash flow if overexpansion.

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