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"Wechat" ---The New Marketing Pattern of Stationery Business in The Future

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-24


        With the development of  the Internet information technology, network "tool"  such as the wechat, microblog and so on has gradually stepped into our life , and this kind of "integration"  is continually expanding with the join of every walk of life . The rapid development of the wechat, microblog, and the micro view, just fully enough to illustrate the development of the self-media is coming, especially the wechat tool, its development goes far beyond people's expectations.As of October in 2013, the number of wechat users has reached 600 million, and there are still a rising trend .


        For the traditional stationery manufacturer, to carry out the  e-commerce isn't  a new thing, and the mobile development  also can't be neglected .Then  how to use the platform of wechat to promote the latest listed stationery products for propaganda, and how to use wechat to advertise the latest dynamic of stationery supplier,both these above are the things that many traditional stationery manufacturers began to consider to .


         Lepusheng stationery also aware of this new trend of tide, in order to have more accurate and efficient brand service, our wechat public platform will push the latest information of our company  on a regular basis , provide the selected information such as  the latest dynamic, information of stationery products , industry trends, exhibition information and so on .To opened up a new channel for consumers to understand our stationery, and also can exchange with Lepusheng .Users can directly add the  wechat account of "Lepusheng stationery", or scan the  code to subscribe as the following:


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