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Why does the spoof stationery so popular?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-15

Do you have ever to seen the products in the study stationery shop but look like a beer,dichlorvos or other somethink without any about stationery?But there are so many students to buy them.Does the stationery shop do the "part-time"?Of course not,actually,there is the students glue in the those beer bottle and the dichlorvos bottle.

As the student stationery began to follow the creative and the fashionable,there are more and more stationery products also weared the new clothes with the life appearance.And hard to distinguish true and false such as the camera correction tape of Lepusheng stationery No.9717.Besides the such reality structural modelling,the netebook which printing the Internet word also sell well.

However,there ae so much controversy for the spoof stationery.The parents afraid of the more interesting of studnet staionery will more attract the attention of student.Make the student inattention in class.In fact,those spoof stationery can promote the children's interests if the parents make the guide rightly.

There is the result why the spoof stationery are so popular.Spoof culture come from the Japanese Kuso.It is one of the Internet culture.With the rapid development of the Internet,the spoof culture also come to our daily life in the stationery products or the big news.Spoof culture always make the explain of the serious news in joy.Under the such spoof culture in Internet,there are more and more welcome by the primary and middle school students,even the college students.Spoof stationery with its indicators.And  breakthrough tradition,pursuit of freedom.It alsoe the characteristics for the young people.

The popular of spoof stationery also shows the fashionable element is keep changing.In the past,the stationery manufacturer only needs to seek the durability,but now besides the product performance,the use comfotable and the appearance also the be needed.And is it needs the higher meaning?It is all depand on the pursuit of consumers.

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