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Parents should do supervision and don't waste stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-11


          Huge potential of stationery market make many entrepreneurs rushed into the stationery market,the industry threshold is not high, let the stationery market seems complicated.Then comes the competitive stationery market.You often can see the new stationery market every three or five days, therefore,parents should know a certain knowledge of stationery products to choose for children, at the same time also should do well in supervision of how to use, do not cause too much waste.




          In addition to the psychological of love the new and loathe the old,we know, most of the book covers are made of plastic, if there is no recovery of consciousness, students and parents will throw them away after using, then it is bound to create a large number of plastic garbage which are difficult to decompose, then will do great harm to the environment.So in the use of stationery products,it should be controlled.


          When the new semester comes,parents will choose a new "equipment" for their children, but it is the most easily to cause waste of stationery this time, some parents will stock 7 or 8 pens or workbooks for their children, some may not useful because the requirements of teachers, some may be not useful because of having been enough, no matter which kind is, this kind of stock will cause waste.


           In fact,when preparing for the new semester stationery,it should meet the demand of procurement,or a certain amount and then pay attention to the school requirements.At the same time,parents should teach children to be frugal,no pursuit of new and damage old stationery.In addition to establish good consumption concept,now there are many stationery manufacturers developed environmentally friendly stationery on the market, these stationery follows the characteristics of favorable environment and the recycling,they are welcome by the consumers.This is the future direction of stationery manufacturer,and also the inevitable result that the environmental protection concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


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