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Development trend of stationery industry in 2014

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-25


        Since the global economic crisis, the foreign trade market has been in the doldrums for along time .And due to the volatility of RMB exchange rate, fluctuations in prices of commodity products is also big , the protectionism and trade friction increased.Attracted difficulty to domestic and foreign markets , look from the current domestic economic situation,economic of our country  moves smoothly at the beginning  in 2014 ,economic  data of January  response that overall economic situation of China  is good, to the deepened reform, it seems will create a good environment for foreign trade.Look from the international economic situation, developed economies gradually recovery in 2014, the U.S. economy looks promising recovery, economy of European and Japanese  presents the twists and turns to reply status;New economic grows faster than that of developed economies, but emerging economies have some widespread problems such as high growth and low inflation, currency devaluation, so the economic grows slowly.The worlds' economic instability and uncertainty still exists, the European debt crisis will continue to  affect the external demand.



        Due to the influence of internal and external economic environment,the efficiency level  and the import and export of stationary products will continue steady growing, but growth space will be reined in.On one hand,stationery products will effected  by many factors, such as labor, exchange rates, environmental protection and the costs of enterprise management ;On the other hand, the rising cost of production factors, the advantage of labor-intensive and  low-end manufacturing is gradually lost, for reasons of cost control, some European and American customers will gradually  put their order  to the southeast Asia;At the same time, the foreign trade environment is complex, the data of ministry of commerce show that there are totally 19 countries send up about 92 trade remedy investigation in China,it is increasing to 17.9% from a year earlier.It shows that we are a  great-power country, facing the national protectionist is strengthened, Europe and the United States set up trade barriers from the terminal to the network manufacturing , and this is also a problem that make products in a unfavorable foreign trade environment , it will make the stationery products being impact  in a certain degree .


       Data shows that cultural products exist the problems of quantity increasing and  price reducing in 2013, unit price of ball-point pen have a reduction of 33.4% than  the average  in 2012,from this we can see that the import prices is reducing.The problem of quantity increasing  and price reducing of  import product  in fact cause hidden trouble to the industrial safety, then will effect  to domestic manufacturing market, and finally have an influence to the development of stationery enterprises in the future .


        Due to labor costs, raw materials and the RMB exchange rate arerising,the corporate profit margins are squeezed, in the development of the future, we hope that  government can give more support and preferential treatment to the small and medium enterprises of  stationery,  and giving support and preferential tax on the real and  improve the level of traditional manufacturing.In addition, the strengthening of intellectual property protection is important,there are too many shoddy stationery in the market, it will not only caused the competition in the domestic market but also harm the health of consumers, and have an adverse effects on the stationery industry.


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