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Lepusheng stationery analyze the difference between double sided tape and glue

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-11


        Glue and double sided tape  often appeared in the handicraft class , they take a fixed effect to the  paper and cardboard paste  in the daily life.They also commonly be used in sealed envelopes,  package tender, pupils' handicraft, mounting, etc.Compared with liquid glue, the small solid double-sided tape is loved by  the vast number of consumers because of its convenient .In recent years,  double-sided tape in correction tape style are  also began to popular in stationery market, more and more consumers use this kind of product due to its strong stickiness and also because it's easy to use .



        So what is the big difference between them on the use ?Lepusheng think that the convenience is the main reason , because we  don't have to wait for liquid glue dry, also don't have to get our hands full of glue, so that it is very important for the people who are pursuiting of quick and convenient .


        Scroll type double-sided tape also known as the  double-sided tape in correction tape style, it can be said to be the  "successor" of  liquid glue.Industry is  in the progress,stationery also in the "progress",too.With the development of the stationery industry,  this kind of  "rising star" is becoming more and more.


        For a long time,Lepusheng stationery always  subdivide all kinds of factors  in product research and development  according to market demand, constantly developing new products, constantly updated products, to provide differentiated product to the consumers.In recent years, the company also pay more and more attention to research and development of double sided tape,so that can bring more double-sided tape of high-quality to customers   in the future development .


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