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What kind of agents does stationery factory need?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-08

Select agents is a improtant market strategic tast for the stationery factory,it is the best way to pomote the proudcts to the market.Stationery brand manufacturers and agents are to choose the partners which in the same philosophy.Manufacturers to provide the differentiated products with high added value and core competitiveness.And the agneters do the distribution of stationery products,branding promotiong,and after service througth their familiarity of local and the network advantage.


So,in the such fierce competition market,what kind of stationery agent does the stationery facotry really need with the changing of business and the expansion of supermarkets.


Firstly,It is necessary to do the fully investigation while selecting a regional agent.To get the information about its capital,network conditions,brands situation and the cooperation with other companies.So that to avoid the replacement of agents which is a very headache thing for stationery manufcturers.


Secondly, After selected the stationery distributor,manufacturer should arrange a peopler who to make help for the agenter.And to do the formulated according to the local market sales policy.

Thirdly,Stationery factory should be familiar with regional market.And to do give the proper instruction and strong support during the cooperation.


Fourth,manufacturers should actively help the local agent to opean the market.Because we are in the same interests. Actually, regional manager is representative of the manufacturer.Who represent the company at local.An outstanding regional managers can deal well with the relation between each other.To achieve sales targets and do well in the expand market,winning a reasonable profits.


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