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Online shopping hit the stationery brand management

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-21

With the improvement of income and the change of population structure.China consumer market has begun to polarzation.People have began to pursue cost-effective or brand experience.Rather than to pay for the featureless products.Compared with the changes in consumer demand,traditional enterprise as supplies to expand the business is the main model of development.

Domestic traditional brand stationery company were growthed through improved the expanded.And we can seen that there are more and more homogenized and the proudcts supply also homogeneous.The homogeneity channels and products cause the operating costs continued to rise.

And there is the broad demand in the domestic stationery market but with the structural contradiction between supply and demand.Online shopping is provide the full open platform for the cost-effective student stationery products.Especially after double tenth last year.We can find that there is the contrast between the rapid developing online sales and the deciling sale in real shop.
Online sales is helpful the brand enterprise to digest inventory in short time but it is not good for brand development.

At present,brand enterprises are make the online sales as one ways to digestive inventory,because there is no way to creat a online shopping brand in a short time and could't production and sales in same price .So that digestive inventory is the main function.The rapid development of the online sales is not good for the stationery factoies.

At present,most of the traditional stationery enterprises are make online shopping as a new one of auxiliary channels.The development of online sales is grab the consumer demand of entity shop.It is not good for the entity shop.The key of digestive inventory is to promote the best sell of products and to reduct the pressure of terminal,online shopping is rush the inventories in essence.

Online sales sped up the stationery industry transition.The development of stationery enterprise is limited.The existing business model is unsustainable.The enterprises during transition is focus on the set up shop.And nowdays,it is return to the origin of brand management.It is to improve the more cost-effective product to the consumers.Online shopping only exacerbated the transformation process.homogeneity stationery products will be accelerate elimination.

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