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Retail mode of office stationery has its advantages and disadvantages

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-01

In recent years, it is the rapid developing period for the office stationery.Dut to promote the enterprise competitiveness effectively,the office stationery industry has discussed the new marketing mode and the new sales channel.

It is understood that the direct retail as a market economy mode.It has developed more than half a century and popular in the Europe and the United States,Japan,Korea,Taiwan,HongKong and Macao,Southest Asia.It has accounted for 45% of retail in America,and  reached more than 30%.

So,what is the direct retail?The so-called direct retail is mean the products directly into the terminal market without any intermediate bussiness from stationery manufacturers.Direct retail shop,also called retail chain.It is the one of shop operated by stationery brand headquarters directly,it is the business form operated by head office directly in managerment,invstment and so on.
Thus,direct retail can reuce muchciculation of middle agent and some sales link,so that to reduct the costs and improve profits.Most of enterprises want to promote the brand and establish a kindom of their  stationery products.So that the direct retail as one of storm to impact the past join chain operation mode.

There are much advantae for the direct retail:first,to showing the stength of the company,providing the standard templates of brand image,it is so important in the office stationery industry,the better display is good for enterprise impression.Second,it can fact to the consumers directly,to know more about the consumer demand and provide the first information for company.Three,to hold the direct control in the sales market,it make the manage more easy.

However, direct retail mode also has its disadvantages.As the office stationery was appered as one of tool for office business,it is suitable to the main market within the scope of national.So that the stationery manufacturer should put much sales offices.To use the direct retail mode should pay more labour,resources and financial.It require the enterprise has a certain strength.At the same time,theraining and management of talents is one of hard threshold.To implementation retail mode will also conflict with join channel.

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