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2014 Green consumption of office stationery grows fast in the network sales

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-27


         The development of e-commerce and the change of consumption idea give a lot of support to the current consumers,unlike traditional shopping mode, today's consumers will pay attention to the more convenient shopping, and the Internet is the  strong support to accelerate the model.The change of consumption patterns not only in the mode, but also the product consumption idea.It is the actual consumption change from cheap demand to the pursuit of environmental protection and the quality demand.



           Stationery online shopping grow fast


           In August, according to the national bureau of statistics shows that the  network sales has rose 53%, more 3.4% than last month, according to the ministry of commerce, it can monitor that the sales of 5000 key retail enterprises is up to 31.9% in August,sales of speciality store, department store and supermarket  are grows of 3.6%, 4.4% and 7% respectively,they slowdown than the same period last year with 4.9, 6.5 and 2.6% respectively.It can be seen from the above data that the network shopping growing faster, it is the same in the stationery industry, along with the development of the electricity,the online shopping of stationery is become more and more, and stationery shops of online sales also continue to increase.


           In fact, the electronic commerce not only opens up a road for the stationery manufacturers to sell their stationery products,but also a good way  to have each informations face to face for them and the consumers.Especially the after 80 and the after 90,they are the new and main consumption, consumer idea is more and more changeable,so how do the stationery enterprises seize the consumers' real demand?The formation of new major consumers, means the change of demand, personalized consumption maybe will become a new wave in the future industry.The Internet is the bridge on both of them.


           Green stationery grows significantly


           From  the Mid-Autumn festival on the market this year, the moon cake packaging significantly reduced,and the simple and economic boxed and the bulk moon cake has become the mainstream in the market,so it can be seen that environmentalism has become more and more thorough popular feeling.As the change of consumption idea, consumers put forward more and more demands for stationery, they are not only focusing on safety and the quality of stationery,but also the creative and  environmental protection stationery, in the intense competition of the stationery,those who can first caught the real demand of consumers then they will have a quick profit.So many stationery manufacturers also fit the demand of consumer, timely introduced environmentally friendly stationery.


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