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Small and medium stationery enterprises should develop continuous innovation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-28


           The mature stationery industry brings competition,and also the homogeneity of the industry, no matter the product appearance and connotation of the enterprise, or the services are surprisingly similar in the current market.Those enterprises who want to be outstanding among them need continuous innovation on design and capabilities of research and development.



           Because there are lots of counterfeitc in  the domestic market,every best-selling students stationery can see their shadows in the market.It hit the enthusiasm of the research and development of continuous innovation among enterprises, is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry.And it is more difficult to maintain long-term enthusiasm of research and development .


           The ability of  innovation decides the core competitiveness of enterprise, every product has its life cycle, and the favourite of customers will be changed ,too. Only rely on the success of a productis very difficult to make the enterprise on an impregnable position in the industry.The only basic that can keep the enterprise survival is the ability of continuous research and development innovation, to be continuing to meet customers' demands,and have the  market strain capacity.


           The  sustainable product design can further strengthen the good image of stationery manufacturer in the consumers' mind, an also enhance brand awareness, this requires stationery manufacturers with tightly close to the domestic consumer and strong ability to capture the market hot spots.In addition, stationery enterprises who want to stay ahead of the market, must establish advantages of continuous technology research and development  in new products, new technology, new materials, it need  long and big reserves and professional talent team in production technologies, processes and materials to support the continuous innovation of the products.


            In addition, a efficient organization is the basic to ensure the efficient operation of enterprise, reasonable structure, a clear division of responsibility, good team cooperation mechanism and problems handling mechanism,ensure efficient organization operation system and related supporting system are also very imfortant ,too.


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