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Stationery enterprises will enter the e-commerce

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-17

Under the double shock of the weak global economy and the rising costs at home.The declining stationery exporting make the China stationery into the trouble.Thousands of stationery companies beging pay attention to the eletronic commerce.And to rushes out a new road in the traditional channels.


The data shows that in 2012,there are most of office suppliers come from Guangdong and Jiansu on the Taobao(China big online shop).Some of them can make tens millions a years.In recent years,under the online popular and the weak exporting market.Stationery is rapidly develop in the electronic commerce.

The impact from the online cheap price and the weak of the traditional channel make the stationery manufacturers and distributors have to transformation of the pressure.They developing the electric commercial channels, of reduce the profit,of increase the service.or to turn into the three or four line market.

For the many stationery wholesale dealers,they not only open the shop but also have the online shop.The lack of people to manager the online shop and make the low benefit.There are many couples to deal with a online shop in the Taobao.The uneven quality has loss the competitive advantage.And the big secle enterprises have chosen to set up the shop on the Tianmao.But it has a high threshold,it needs 16000 yuan capital in 2009,and now needs 160000 yuan.It is so hard to accept for the small dealers.

It is important to note that the high or mid-range stationery products should be sales in offline.Most of companies and distributors only conform to the trend of the future,and did not have a comprehensive electric business.There is the low threshold and many samll business are willing to participate.But becuse of the quality or the logistics.The purchasing is as well as the returned.And also has a lot of compensation.Entity shop is the threshold of stationery enterprise.At present,most of the stationery electric business enterprise using the O2O online management:one is to attract the cousmer onlien but complte the business offline;and other one is to attract the cousmer online but guide to buy in entiy shop.

Compared with the rapid development of the appliances or textiles.The electronic commerce of China stationery is still very extensive.Lepusheng stationery expected that there is still have the online and offline model in the stationery.And the stationery electricity will enter the a shakeout in this years.And the enterprise which lack of innovation will be eliminated.

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