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New consumption model with the rapid development,stationery brand should catch the business oportunity

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-27

The rapid developmeng of the Internet is going to the traditional stationery sales.The consumer group and consumption concept also changing.Online shopping has became popular,online shop and the online banking have became the familiar for the people.Most of fashion young consumers have highly love the such consumption.

There is not long time since 1997,the electronic commerce into China.It has been rapidly developed in recent years.From the Ereli consulting statistics and forecast, the growth rate of China onling shoping are 128.5%, 105.2% and 89.4% respectively.The scale of online shopping accounted for the social total retail sales has been increasing year by year.

In the low stationery market with the samll market concentration and low brand loyalty.The stationery products is more easy be impacted by e-commerce.But, to independent build e-commerce transaction platform by the stationery brand company,there is the sales channel advantage and the product chain advantage compared to many C2C sales mode.For the enterprise,online sales can accelerate digestion the inventory product and the product irculation, of course,it is also need the more advanced enterprise supply chain in the enterprise.

As the further popularization of network,the new consumption will be more common and the market will keep expand,there is the broad market.It is cannot be taken lightly on the online sales if the stationery enterprise wants to take more market share.The stationery manufacturer should conform and promote the development of such poplue.To catch the business oppotunity and seek the new breakthough.

Recent years is the smooth developing time for the statinery industry using the scientific and technological.And it has been increasingly deepening.It is turn into the software from the hardware.At present,the production of the office supplies is facing the change,the big scale customization had walked into the industry line of sight."Rapid response" is the key suuport for the brand leading in the market."Fast" should be supported by the  high science and technology information.The progress of science and technology has become the collective conscious action in the industry.

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