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New stationery avoid blindly promotions

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-01-13


With the intensifying competition in the stationery market.The renewal of stationery products is faster and faster. The birth of each new products are condensed the hard word of each enterprises and team.Publish is the  important stage of new products.It need a lot of skills and experience.To do the blind promotion is unwise.Lepusheng stationery summary the common  misconceptions as follows:
One,blind promotions
There is no doubt that attract the attention of consumers is the key for many businessmen.So that the promotion is one of the most common way.But this promotion will make the consumers feel aesthetic fatigue and lost the resh in long time.At the same time,it also make the consumers doubt the price of the new proudcts.Some stationery suppliers used to play a low price.They thinks that the low price will attract a lot of consuemers.But it also the way to reduce the level of own brand.
Two,too much advertising
Advertising is indispensable during new products publising.Is it the more advertisting the better?It is not.Too much advertising is bad for the small profit industry such as office supplies or toys, gifts.Too much promotion will make the consumers feel they pay for the advertising.The moderate advertising should take the the profits and sales into the consideration then to make the reasonable promotion plan.
Three, lack of market planning
The more shipment quantity means the more sales in terminal market.Because of the more quantity means the large display in the terminal market.It can attract a lot of attetion from consuemrs then to gain more proftis.But the after-sales service of new products is the key.To solve the return of goods is very important because the dealers will lose confidence if the terminal sales is blocke.
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