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How to expand the emerging market for stationery enterprises?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-21


There are the huge attraction for traditional stationery manufacturers in emerging markets.Especially under the influence of economic crsis,the order of European and American market is decline.Whatever train of expand new market,there should full house.It is means that there are so many foreign trade wants open the emergin markets.
The so-called the fittest will emerge victorious. It is necessary to know mmore about the features of emering markets during extension.
One,Locked target market
Study and make sure the user group is very important.There are not a product can meet all the demand of user.Most of stationery manufacturer are production according to the requiement of foreign buyer.But the hot sell products may be not sell well in the emerging market.It is not becuase of bad product or bad marketing.It is becuase of the different features for consumers groups.After lack the target market,you can do more study of the demand of the main market.
Two,give the pleasant surprise to the target audience
After make sure the traget user,it is necessary to keep the people to use our stationery proudcts then to expand the market step by step.To make the pleasant surprise to the consumers.It may be the new product publish or the new marketing.
Three,collect and adjust quickly
Emerging markets is more volatile then the traditional market.Do do well in the collection and response.There are so many change before expand the emerging market.Stationery export is limieted by the veriables trade barriers and technical standards.There are more and more stationery factories enter into the emerging market,,it may cuase the disoder of market development.How to asjust and snslysis of an interest,it remains to be research for foreign trade manufacturer.
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