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Stationery manufacturing faces the test to reconstruction in channel

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-07

For production enterprises,there are two leaps during stationery production: one is research and development, to turn the money to be products; and the orther one is channel and marketing,to turn products to be money.In China stationery industry,channel is more important than the R&D.Most of enterprisers thought that to do the R&D need the money before.

We can find that in most of large scale professional stationery show,there are no distance between stationery manufacturers both at home and abroad in the master of new trend.Some of enterpries also invited the foreign design team. At the same time,the domestic enterprise prodcution equipment also are  improving.

Upgrade of design and technology,it is play an important role to take the share in foreign market for China stationery factories.The data showed that in the last years,China stationery take 64% of  world stationery exports.And, China enterpriese also developing well in the emerging markets such as in Russian and ten ASEAN countries.
However, after many yaers of rapid growth  of external demand market, marginal growth were inevitably fell.The insider said that the cost of labor and manufacturing is higher and higher in recent years.

This is a long-term trend. Under such background, some enterprises have transfered the production to other countries. 

Therefore, the importance of marketing is more and more obvious.Lepusheng thinks that the habits and consumer demand of consumer are changing.Stationery market need some new changes.Such as the group purchase and O2O,they are the challenge to traditional channels.
Although there is the broad market in stationery industry.The stationery enterprises have to face so much limits in the stationery line.To go on or give up in the traditional sales channel and new sales channels.Or to balance the interests of the traditional channel and new channel.All of them are the primary problem of the current stationery companies in channel reconstruction.
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