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New form of marketing to attract the consumers of office stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-15


         Creative stationery is popular in stationery market  recent years, with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, consumers' demand for the stationery function is becoming higher and higher .Stationery manufacturer also rushed to give stationery the label sof creativity, personality which will  attract consumer attention.In addition, in the process of competing with peers,stationery enterprises also need a new marketing form to attract consumers.


        First : product innovation


       The research and development of the new statioenry products  is very important for the development of stationery industry .In the development period of  stationery , since most stationery companies rely on stationery exports and neglected for the product research and development.And since the lack of research and development, it  led to renewal cycle of  the statioenry market become longer, among the  stationery enterprises ,  phenomenon of plagiarism is serious. In contrast, the market require companies to constantly develop new products, and shorten the cycle of the product life, to speed up the upgrading.Innovation is one of the power which to  drive enterprise in the lasting  development  , we should use the dynamic view then insist on constant innovation, so that can develop new products.


        Second : green marketing


        With the constant change of the  consumption idea of consumer, in recent years, words like green marketing, green products, green consumption and green consumers  have sprung up like mushrooms.In the face of this "green" trend, more and more stationery brand also began to change their own management idea, they attach importance to the development of environmental protection stationery .Though stationery industry is developing  rapidly, then the  plenty of new products is also disappearing fast, some so-called stationery brand may be  just some mill type of small plant, their production technology is rough,and not very strict to the requirement of environmental protection. Commitment to environmentally friendly stationery will not only satisfy the demand of consumers and also comply with the code of ethics, it is an effective way to sustainable development of stationery enterprises.


        Third: not  the price war marketing


       Although the competition between enterprises can be roughly divided into two categories: the non-price competition and price competition.Stationery market competition at present is mainly on the price competition, in fact, no matter  a brand enterprise or growing small and medium-sized enterprises, can't withstand the price war.Price competition is to have customers spend less money to by discount  products but get the same content .If the products, services, and other aspects are almost equal,then it often easily fall in price competition, that will make the enterprise become busy with no interests .To build the core competitiveness is the root for the enterprise to become stronger, while  pure price war is not the  panacea  to occupy the market share .


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