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How to activate the market is a new problem for stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-18

Under the situation of weakness in stationery industry,some emerging groups are growth obvious.At persent,China stationery is still in the immature stage.The brand is single and the stores are take a large part of market.With the increase of industrial development and the capital injection.There will be appear more and more brand.It make most of stationery enterprise should to make the new thinking.

1.Industry status

From the view of stationery industry channel structure,as the integration of stores and the conditions of the shopping change the terminal sales of many brand.The stationery stores integration in second and third cities in stationery industry and the big change in the competition.And from the veiw of  brand strategy,we want to take the best brand status and the stores position then to become the best brand.

There is still not form a real ranking in the market througth there are some famous stataionery brand.And it is still in extensive competition.So that the stores competition will accelerate the  competition and development of industry.To provide more development requirement and response strategies for the enterprse.

2013 is an extraordinary year,there is the very high text for various kind of enterprise in this years.There is the pressure from fund and the declining sales.So that many big enterprise are pay more attention to the terminal promotion expecially for stationery manufactueres.As the relative calm competion situation,it make the many brand and enterprise make blindly development in the investment and market judgment.

2.How to activate the market,is lead the buiness into a new thinking?

Stationery dealers are experiencing an unprecedented reshuffle,the capital pressure and the declining of the signle sales and so on problems.And a number of enterprises are employ the outside agencies to increase confidence of dealers.It is the good ways to explore.The real ways to solve the problems is to bring more suggestion to the enterprises.At the same time,to expand the new sales and channel constrution,get awary from the single sales.

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