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How to effectively solve the marketing problem of small and medium-sized stationery enterprise ?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-01-12


         For many small and medium-sized stationery enterprises, they will meeet lots of problems in the process of operation, when the decision makers spent a lot of time, money and effort on marketing, but it is difficult to achieve the wishes.This is because of the fuzzy operation strategy, weak brand influence, messy tactical  and poor execution and so on.Now we know the problems of  marketing ,then how do enterprises effectively solve these problems?


         One, looking for accurate positioning


         Small and medium enterprises want to survive and stand out in the cultural stationery market with the fierce competition , while they no matter from capital strength, the strength of the talent, the strength of the brand, as well as the advantage of channel and terminal ,they can not compared with the big enterprise.So small businesses fully understand where is their own core competitiveness when making the enterprise marketing strategy in China.Find themselves' opportunities in the fierce market ,so that they can be change from passive to active position .This is the first step to establish organization framework of scientific and practical marketing .


         Two, active attack


         Active attack is for the  effective communication and eventually won the recognition of the value.For small and medium-sized enterprise, marketing is not a simple sales or product circulation, it is taking effective marketing strategy to put your products into the market and ultimately meet the demand of  the value of consumers after deeply research the industry status, industry trends and the consumer demand and consumption patterns.And brand is the most important point , admittedly, brand has become a "key" to enter the market, this is because  the consumer have more harsh conditions on new product , thus exacerbating the market competition between enterprises, so enterprises must work in improving product quality, and better meet the needs of the consumers.So in the process of marketing ,small and medium-sized enterprises , not only one-sided strengthened sales and ignore the brand cultivation must not only spend energy and efforts on strenthening the sales ,but also should spend more energy to use on the brand cultivation and brand construction, then finally through the brand operation to drive the market marketing, so as to realize the marketing of high added value and strong competitiveness.


          Three, innovation


          Rigorous to say, marketing is not start from the perspective of the interests of the enterprise, but from the perspective of the value of the market and consumers.When ssmall and medium-sized enterprise fully understand it,then they could really do a good job in marketing, if it can have a  global marketing, from product innovation, accurate market positioning, integration of promotion and  precise transmission, effective channel construction, and the humanity of terminal sales , with these series of marketing links the tacit understanding coordination and efficient execution then the finally result of marketing will close and narrow the gap between ideal and reality of small and medium-sized enterprises.And product innovation, marketing innovation requires enterprises continuously improve product design and development of new products, accelerate the pace of technological transformation, absorb advanced technology, based on innovation, and only in this way, it can make stationery products step into the market.


          Four, efficient execution


          Perfect marketing strategy must have the efficient execution to achieve results.Otherwise, the imagination of marketing, is only an armchair strategist, and the target never within expectations into reality.An executive power of the enterprise, is necessarily have a high quality employee team,and must be full of hope.


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