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Stationery inventory is closely to the sales model

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-05

There is the direct relationship between stationery inventory and sales model.Why?Because the inventory digestion is match with that the sale model of enterprise.There are more sales model the proudcts are more be selled.And the faster expend of the enterprise inventory.

At persent,the brand stationery business always do the ordering fair.And the ordering fair will be open early by three month,and the big company are earlier.Ordering fair has a good guarantee of the product's quality and the delivery.But there is also has the big risk as dealers is not clear what will be popular in this years before place order.

 Actually, stationery inventory phenomenon is widesprea.But the turnaround time is fast of international brand.There is 20 days to stock up for the international brand.And the stock up for the domestic stationery is longer,it is about 30-50 days.But what would be happen in the short time,It is unknow.

There are many circulation in China stationery industry,and more and more enterprise try to make the simplify in the circulation.Simplify the circulate link is a trend,but blindly to copy the fashion brand is not desirable.There are some three and four line cities or the remote area still suitable for stationery franchise mode.

High inventory makes many stationery company overburdened and fall into the brand situaltion.Unde the suce pressure,the brand concentration getting more and more high.It is the necessity of developing market.In addition,the industrial upgrading is necessary,the sationery manufacturer should to seek the higher added value and some manufacturers will be can the brand manufacturers.The e-commerce brings more opportunities to the such manufacturers.It is easy to establish the simple channel instead of the pass long and complex.Just to sign in the mainsteam platform that into the market faster.

Inventory also bring the new ideas of the opeartion for brand stationery.There were many industies once pursues the "Chain store business".But now,the manufacturers begin to seek the new model.More and more enterprise aware that it is better to do well in a store instead of many stores.

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