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What is the challenge of office supplies network sale?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-28

We can find that there are many office supplies brand has been into the online sales.Why do they to opened the network shopping?One is to develop the new channels in the future;there are the high profit in products,higher unit price,light quality,small volume in its feature.It is very suit to the network sales.In the other hand retail sales in Internet can reduct the cost of channel then to reduct the cost of sales.E-conmmerce can make it in low cost through the investigation and collect the information from customer feedback.

At present,there are more than hundreds of stationery enterperises do the e-commerence through various forms.According to data there are more than 50% of statonery manufacturer do the network sales.However,are there some winners?Leading in the traditional market is may not leading in E-commerce.Office stationery into E-commerce always should to face the following problems:

1.The conflict between orignal agent and channels.Most of stationery factoies are do the traditional marketing like agents or joined.To do the online sales will be hard the intersts of the joining trader .It may be is likely to trigger a catastrophe of existing channels,even lost the agent.To hurt the exisiting marketing.It is not good for the development.

2.The problems of supply chain.Because of there are the different production cycle and do the OEM production as the cost pressure.So that in the E-commerce,how to improve the supply chain and speed up the rurnover,and the service response ability?It all the problem for stationery enterprises.

3.The problem of returns processing and after-sales service.The return,repair and the responsibility identification of stationery will be cause some disputes.If could't response the service request in time,the  weakness of enterprises will be displayed in the Internet.So that it also a test of service for stationery enterprise.

4.The problem of organization structure and resource.To do the electronic commerce needs a special operations team,the investment of technology.Different development phase decide the resource input.And the less resources always could't gain a happy ending.

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