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Promotion marketing don't the soultion for the student stationery manufacturer

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-24

There is the most potential emerging consumption market in China.And it also have the leading industrial manufacturing level.The year of 2012 is the important turning point of China economy.The global weak enconmy and the declining domestic consumption made the the growth could't as increase as last year.But the recovery inflation rate and the improvement of the personal income still leave the broad market in the office supplies consumption.

As the student stationery industry, it has experienced the export blocked, intensification competition and the delining domestic enconmy.But now matter how difficult at persent,it could't shake the broad market of the student stationery market.For the student stationery,it still around with two sale channel for stationery dealers.And the new demand of the students are getting more and more,with the impoving of the lift level.Custom stationery market also getting biger and biger.

The increased industry competition made a lot of dealers do the price war in the off-season.In face,to reduce the price then to gain the sales is like to to kill the golden goose.So much promotion will effect the brand image.And difficult to sales the product with the original price,it is bad for the futuren business.The influence of brand isn't build in a days.The regular customer also needs a long time and hard work.Brand image related to the interests of dealers and manufacturers.The achieve the cusumer's identity is more important than the temporary sales.

Fundamentally, it needs a normal operation for the stationery shopkeeper.The low-price discount just an unmeant behavior.The foreign brand as a reference,they always make the high-end proudct in a certain price.Either the quliay or price is high.The customer don't feel worthless because of it could't reducte quickly.So that it can stable the high qulity customer and to keep the good brand image.And the Mid-end procuts should to do the discount or reduct price in the right time.At the same time,the promotion of the business should be diversified.

Consumers are getting more and more rational in the reduction business.They pay more attention to the quality insteaded of the low-price.So that the low-price  does not always attracted the consumer.Such as customer membership,It is attrtact the new consumers and also do the dicount.At the same time,the caring and good after-sales also good for yourself.

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