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Sweep the survival of the fittest in stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-18

Under the global economic recession and soaring prices,there is diffcult for stationery enterprise.Facing the rise raw materials cost,labor costs rise and appreciation of the RMB."To be or not to be,it is a question" for stationery manufacturers.

Stationery also be affected as a subdivide industry under the light industry.The economic depression and the rise costs make some enterprises to use the inferior raw material.It couldn't gain any guarantee for stationery quality.and let consumer interests suffered losses.However,under such situation,most of well-known stationery brand enterprise are pay more attention to its rectify and waitting for the best time.Thus,well-known enterprises will be more and more powerful and the enterprise which not in standards of enterprises  will withdraw from the market.

Although there is not good in the current stationery market.most of enterprise has expanded the property blindly and thinks that it is the best time to expand the market share.Lack of the innovation but increse in production also will hinder the healthy development of stationery industry.

At present, the well-known stationery enterprises are strengthening the internalmanagement.Make the strictly supervise from raw materials to production process then to ensure the quality of products.To improve the product technology and the independent innovation so then to realize the sustainable development.

In addition, brand construction aslo be attentioned by enterpsies,especially under the current suitation,brand construction become the key part for enterprises.Although there are so many people pay attention to the brand construction,most of people still lacking awareness of brand.Lepusheng stationery thinks that it should be pay more atention to the features,quality and value under such situation.This three point is the key in brand elements.And it is the necessary supply for brand awareness,reputation and popularity.At the same time,brand construction also needs the time of verification and recognition of consumers.

Today,stationery industry just like a battlefield ithou gunsmoke.It is the real hero if can survive in the such difficult market.

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