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China stationery manufacturing has been in low small and scattered

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-14

It is difficult for the stationery supplies in 2012,the global economic downturn,national tightening in macro policy,the pressure of increasing competition,rising costsfalling prices and the capital chain is the main symbol.

Stationery industry also be affected,varioust kinds of stationery production are feel nervous and industry confused then ever faced.

Although China is the first stationery manfucturing country.It also has a little achievement in overseas markets.With the European and American debt and the weak export.It made the order reduced and the profits downd.There are a lot of small and medium-sized stationery enterprises stopped the production.And some of large stationery brand manufacturer also reduced the market share as the weakness market.

And the series of those problems are caused by there are "low,small,scattered" in domestic stationery market.There are lot of small enterprise and they are scattered in the domestic stationery manufacturing.The products are in the low value,unstable in quality and the low competition with low price.And the high profit products still depend on the improt.

With the industrialization level getting higher and higher,the low stationery product lack of competitiveness,they only to reduce the price in sales.However,the quality problem were appeared frequently.It was bad to the competitiveness.

So,what was caused the vicious cycle in stationery market?

Although the stationery supplies are better then past in the first half of this year,the excess production,unstandard market and lack of competitioness are more and more obvious.It is reported that the product life of domestic stationery products always are shorter than the same foreign stationery.It could''t meet the demand of the high-end market request.

However, under the weakness domestic market,many stationery enterprise don't  make the technical innovation and management upgrade.It only depends on products price reduction.It is no good for the whold industry to run way in the vicious cycle.

It can said the debt crisis in Europe and America is brings the disaster to the stationery industry.On the othere hand,it is a opprtunities to improve the indstry and it is a superior win and the inferior wash out competitive.

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