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Take a look at the creative correction tape of Lepusheng

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-01-13


          Since the creation of Lepusheng, the product always adhere to the "high quality" as principle,and always been famous for fashion design, fine stationery, successively passed the quality management system certification of ISO9001:2008  and the environmental management system certification of ISO14001:2004.In addition to the product quality is assured,it inject many fashionable design of the elites of our company in stationery products, we has introduced a camera correction tape,tennis racket correction tape,the rabbit correction tape and the big-eye frog correction tape, etc., each work is lifelike,and almost all of them have a patent.Now, let't take a look at the latest and the most creative correction tapes of Lepusheng:


          LPS NO.9980 fashionable and creative correction tape with LED light, it is a correction tape which can be bright, is it unique?The modelling is a bag, and one end of the bag is a correction tape, on the other side is a LED light,you can open this side and adjust and control the position of the lamp holder when you need the LED lamp,students can carry it here and there.See,there is built-in 1.5 v button battery in it,so that the battery can be simply replacement after running out, this can ensure the lamp use for a long time.It is not only an ornament on your dest,but also can be a night light in the evening,and the most important is the powerful ability of correction.




           LPS NO.T-9949 PET correction tape with a small umbrella, small umbrella,hold up a cool for you in the sunny day and shelter from the rain for you in the rainy days.Small umbrella is the medium of transfering love and it is also a everyday things for us.The retractable design and the shape of umbrella can be the perfect integration, it can not only protect the lead at the same time,but also can be easy and convenient to use,so that it is the good choice for the students.



           LPS NO.T-9969 creative correction tape with ultrathin membrane in the fan shape,when the fan is folded,then it can be a geometric shape and to be the body of the correction tape.Chic and reveal taste,it is more conducive to carry.To create high quality correction tape with high quality of inner tape, at the same time, the additional fan also can intersperse the correction tape.In a word,this is a correction tape with high cost performance.


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