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Small and medium enterprises need to adjust development strategy when facing survival challenge

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-23


          As the  the mature development of stationery industry, the small and medium enterprises also faced with survival challenge.In the stationery industry, although there have never been a super brand of monopoly, but the big brands occupied most of the sales channel with the characteristics of large , although middle brand has a certain strength, but they still can't lead the trends of the development of the market, and numerous small manufacturers are under the increasing pressures.



         Small and medium enterprises faced with the pressure of development


         As the change of market environment, there are more competition in stationery market , the cost of raw material and human resources, and the increasing cost of store operation and management will struggle to small and medium enterprises.The trend of branding, let the branding road of stationery manufacturer become narrow,and it makes many small manufacturer become co-packers of well-known brands.While the small manufacturers have obliterated by the development of the industry, and the more products were originally rejected by the consumer.Because of small brands or unknown brands often been linked to poor production factory, there is no "brand" as a guarantee,then they will not easy to get into the scope of consumer choice, the lack of brand and the increase of production cost, will let small and medium-sized stationery factory face with the survival challenge.


         Small and medium enterprises should  improve management system


         Pressure of the development makes many small and medium-sized stationery manufacturers began to make a change, one is to improve the production technology, guarantee the production quality of stationery products, and provided a basis for brand;Second, perfect after-sales service system,to improve the service quality, good service is also an important factor that consumer choose, build communication platform,then  timely figure out  porblems for consumers will reflect the service quality;Three is to pay attention to the power of propaganda, it is an age of advertisement, it is very improtant that the power of the media drive the stationery products ;Four is to make their own characteristics, according to consumer's mind, w should timely grasp the demand of consumers' cognition.


        If you want to place in the rise of stationery industry, change it is.Only by adopting a new development strategy to adapt to the increasing market competition,then deal with the  heavy pressure that major brands bring.


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