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Lepusheng stationery with new appearance at the 114th Canton fair

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-06

October 31, the 114th Canton fair phase 3 has held in Pazhou exhibition hall.As one of domestic well-known stationery brands,Lepusheng stationery has came in time with new appearance and novel design.It is the 20 times attended the Canton fair.


Lepusheng stationery with new appearance at the 114th Canton fair

Different from the domestic stationery exhibition,there are less buyer play the order in fair,most of them are collect a large number of high-quality suppliers though the Canton fair.So,expand the sales,products and the publicity image are very important for stationery suppliers.In fair,Lepusheng stationery has changed the appearance in this time,the booth showed simple and popular.Look more professional and attracted many visitors.Correction tape,correction fluid and glue tape with novel design and beautiful color.

 the 114th Canton fair phase 3

Shaojian,Guo.The general manager of Lepusheng company said that the oversea market has not very ideal in recent year.Most of enterprises,especially for the small and medium-sized export enterprises.It is hard to develop the new customers at the fair,most of them just want to know the price and concerned about the appreciation of the RMB.So,it is important to attract the purchaser though the product innovation.This improving of Lepusheng's booth and stationery proudcts also improve the comprehensive and added value of brand.

correction tape,correction fluid,glue tape

The exporting market could't infinite expansion.China export trade has entered a new stage.There are not be able to expolosive growth.In order to realize the span and the improve of market reputation,it is necessary to do the transformation and upgrading.Lepusheng stationery should comply with the international market, to d the foster independent brand,sets up the image.At the same time, to improve the service content for intenational market.

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