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China stationery industry is going to the high-end chain

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-28

Due to rising labor and raw materials cost.Some of stationery manufacturing factories are  transfer from China to southeast Asia, Western Europe, etc.It is the necessary trend for the world's cultural goods industry to adjust.There is not direct influence to the China stationery manufacturing.China will pay more attention to the brand construction and going to the high value industry chain.


As the internation market is getting weakness.Global stationery prcocessing trade competition also getting more and more intense.Relying on the lower raw materials and lower labor costs,Southeast Asia has been to the world's stationery processing centres.


"Only in the Dongguan,labor costs rose by 30%,and the cost of  raw materials rose over 20%."Liujintang said,the deputy director of small and medium-sized enterprise in Dongguan,Guangdong."It make the pressure for the OEM exporting enterprise."


The date of China stationery industry show that except the price,the exporting total amount of Chinese culture and sports supplies is 21.617 billion dollars in 2011.It was rose by 16.87% than last year.But the growth rate fall by eigh percent.The stationery export was reduced.It is easy to find Chinese stationery export business has influenced by this.


"Transfer the processing factory is the inevitable trend of industrial structure,it will be more obvious n the futrure years."Says one insider.But china is still the power manufacturing country in the world.The large production line will not transfer.


At the same time,some of stationery enterprises have gradually moved the factory to the nighboring countries.It also showing that China stationery industry is going to the high-end chain.At present,t China stationery industry has formed the most complete chain system.And the core comptitiveness is transform form labor to the advatage of function,efficiency,price and so on.


It is no exit if always do OEM production.Brand construction is the best ways to development.At present,the developing of the brand construction and design is better.The surrounding countries also do the OEM production for China.Chinese stationery development should catch both of brand construmtion and deisgn,to improve the complete and mature industry systerm.


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