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Four trends of China stationery marketing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-17

China stationery is across 2012 years in many years of "shuffle".The so-called "shuffle" are some small factory out of the industry under the low profits.The insier hope there are the improvement of industry in service,technology,marketing and so on.In the end of 2012,there is nothing in the stationery marketing.

There are weakness in the trends and judge of future stationery marketing for small and medium-sized enterprise.How about the marketing trends in future?

One,high value on network marketing

Although it is differcult have a big growth in the short time for network marketing.And could not replace the entity shop.There is the best way to display the products and to publicity service.It also the most low-cost marketing to close the relations between stationery enterprises and cooperator.Such as there are the sales and good reputation of some stationery brand in the open platform such as Tianmao,Suning and Jingdong.It will bring the better sales than advertise.The futurn stationery marketing also will combin with the  virtual and physical.Stationery enterprise should suit to hte network and mobile ere.and to create the marketing opportunities.

Two,Get more time to face the customers

The more close to the customers,the more sales opportunities.It is need the real control in the terminal channels.Only more close to the customers than competitior that to leading in the market.The experience and service will be more attention in the future termainal stationery.And most of sales will be happened in the highly specialized markets.

Three,Response to the fragmentation market

It is the fragmentation market and it will be more fragmentation in future.Besides the office stationery and student stationery.There is the stationery demand in the busness meetings and the souvenir market.It is needs the certain customers in the new market. Although it is difficult to control the fragmentation market.it is easy to establish an irreplaceable advantage for brand.

Four,Move the center to the three and four line city

China urbanization construction will be bring more and more sales opportunities to the market in Chinese township and county.The current three and four line city is no noly the market of small and midium-sized enterprise,there are more and more big brand also take the market.And the three and four line city become the gold market for stationery industry.

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