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Lepusheng science: the main wholesale stationery market in Beijing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-09


        As the capital in our country, no matter the  political background or the culture , Beijing has a very thick inside information , and also has a great potential for stationery consumption here, now let's see the several major stationery wholesale market in Beijing:



        First, Beijing “Sha Zi Kou” stationery wholesale market


       In the mall of Beijing “Xin Yong Wai"  cultural goods , the office stationery  amd the stationery wholesale market is located in the most powerful  business area of cultural goods named "Sha Zi Kou" region.Body building is 16, the commercial area is 28000 square meters,and there is a  underground car park with nearly 400 parking Spaces, 30000 square meters of large-scale warehouse, more than 2000 square meters of logistics field, 24 large elevators and  escalator for passenger and cargo .It built a perfect business environment.It has 40 years of commercial property, 50 percent of  commercial loans,so that will  make  shops add value .The mall's  business types involved in office supplies, school supplies, paper supplies, sporting goods, business gifts, labor insurance supplies and so on ."Xin Yong Wai” with a brand as basis, and the modern management idea of  service  for development  , directly talk with the manufacturers to discuss cooperation in  big strength , has  the introduction of domestic and foreign well-known brands and a modern mall management which has full of highly efficient ."Xin Yong Wai" cultural goods  mall is the largest in north China, the most perfect,  the most high-end facilities and the best service in place, the most complete of goods of  office supplies and stationery  wholesale market.


        Second, the Beijing "Tian Yi" stationery wholesale market


        Beijing "Tian Yi" stationery wholesale market and the office supplies wholesale market is located  on the west side of the overpass in the west city of  bustling area . Formally opened on November 18, 1992,it  is the largest wholesale of  small commodity and retail markets.It has 1550 stalls, and the turnover in 1998 is  three hundred and eighty million RMB.It is the top of the small commodity wholesale market in Beijing for its passenger flow volume, economic benefit and social benefit .


        The market business area is 11000 square meters, and there are 20 business halls.The market restaurant offers delicious meals for merchants and customers, with OK hall for merchants and customers to rest, entertainment.And have the  public transportation lines of  Beijing - shijiazhuang, Beijing - guangzhou, Beijing- zhejiang and other special line, and provide eight storage warehouse for merchants .


        The market's main business: daily department stores, stationery wholesale, bags and leather belt, gift toys, household appliances, office supplies wholesale, glass, paper stationery, clocks and watches, glasses, cosmetics and washing tools of 16 kinds and nearly ten thousand kinds of goods.The market set up some halls of gifts, toys,luggage, electrical appliances and so on .There are fine goods, variety, low prices, and it  create a good shopping environment for customers.


        Third, Beijing "Yong Wai Cheng"cultural goods market


        Introduction Beijing "Yong Wai Cheng" cultural goods market  : Beijing"Yong Wai Cheng" cultural goods market co., LTD. (Formerly the Beijing cultural goods company), is the pilot units  of the overall restructuring for 190 large backbone enterprises which is determined by the Beijing municipal government , and it is also the enterprise that finishing transforing according to the idea of establishing modern enterprise system in Beijing "Yi Shang" group .


        Since 1992 ,the company successfully created the first commercial enterprises run by state-owned ,which is the  large daily industrial products wholesale trading market, after ten years continuous development, it  has become the three major commodity wholesale business premises of  study, office supplies, sporting goods, gifts stationery and so on , And the rank of total transactions  of  cultural products is at the top  in the same market.  More than one thousand industrial and commercial enterprises are direct manufacturers, well-known brand agent, total distribution, so that it become  a marketing network all over the country, and the formation of business flow, logistics and  service,also a  large-scale cultural life supplies management and specialized wholesale trading market, finally it is  the largest and famous cultural goods  hub in Beijing .


        Fourth, Beijing coloured glaze cultural street


        It is located in coloured glaze cultural street outside the Beijing peace gate, the total length is about 800 meters,and is a world-famous ancient culture street.Here it is the oldest ,the most magical and the most charm of oriental culture in Beijing city.The ancient art room, the "Rong Bao" room, Chinese bookstore, the commercial press, "Zhong Hua"bookstrore are become the hallmark of coloured glaze!


        The coloured glaze is a complete planning and antique  street, there are east and west sides, it has different styles, special interest. The main business is the culture of the goods, in addition to the antique products , there are pens, ink, paper and inkstone, such as four treasures of the study, and there also are many ancient books and used books store, some vendors also  provide service of overseas mail .Wandering the coloured glaze, looking the  antiques, looking the old books, when you are tired ,you can go to a nearby small tea houses, then enjoy the play and  learn to  tasted culture of old and authentic Beijing  .


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