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Stationery enterprises should have rational promotion

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-16


            In recent years,consumers will feel tired with the electricity business programs.The kind of promotion of electricity is to promote the overall sales,this has to do with the promothion of stationery enterprises when the term begins,while sales promotion can be moderate but can not be inundant,because too much promotion will inevitably repels the consumers.



            In order to promote consumers' desire to buy, a lot of stationery enterprises all joined the war of promotion.But frequent stationery sales promotion not only let the consumer contradict, but also cause dependence. In the operation of the market, there are a lot of small and medium-sized stationery enterprises frequently in the phenomenon of "no promotion no sale", the specific performance for as long as the promotion sales stop then the sales immediately fell, then the enterprise has a dependence of promotion.Excessive reliance on sales promotion can stimulate consumers to buy,in the mean time,stationery enterprise ignore the strategy management and system management,and ignoring the long-term competitive advantage.


           Excessive stationery promotion is not conducive to the building of stationery brand, in the era of "hasten low consumption", enterprises will take more direct way to  cater to the consumer.Such as frequently take the gift promotion.So, in the face of consumer constantly "for profit", the enterprise must adhere to the basic principles of brand.In a sense, the brand is a kind of persistence, especially when encountered difficulties in the market.On this basis, the enterprise can do some packaging in the theme and form of stationery promotion,and make some adjustment on the timing and occasions to promote sales.


            Consumers may do risk decision, also maybe buy ahead or buy in bulk.However, promotion can not change the root of the product and the enterprise destiny, also can't change the overall trend of sales promotion.Only violate the long-term interests of consumer and society , waste of social resources.This is conflicts with the modern marketing concept.


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