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LPS NO.T-9969 creative correction tape in fan shape with 6M

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-12-17



        Like a  summer breeze ,LPS NO.T-9969 creative correction tape appear in your eyes,Look at this fashionable design,you must love it.



         We choose the theme of forest, and the patterns use the element of simple point, plaid and so on to set off the theme.We know the visual perception will affect our feelings in my heart.Look,the light pink color,is it like a beautiful lotus in the lake?The colorful l points just like the fantasy bubble which the child blow out, and also like the green apples full on the branches,don't you think so?All these colors appear very clear and soft. When we look at it,it is just like looking at a beauty drawing ,so beautiful the artistic conception is.



         See the part of fan part,it can be folded to receive, so, when you don't want to use it, you can fold it up to hide in the side of the correction tape, and it will not affect the whole feeling of the tape,and you can also preserve the fan well.Also, if you want to use the fan,you can slowly pull the folding fan,then a practical and beautiful fan was produced.



          Just like a products which is born from the forest --- LPS NO.T-9969 correction tape with fan, with the new atmosphere, new sense, it will bring you a clean, smooth, delicate,and soft feelings, and also another experience of comfortable feeling.



         Pure and fresh correction tape sent to you,Lepusheng sent yuo a cool and refreshing feeling and wish you happy everyday.


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