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How to seek the development of stationery manufacturing industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-09

There are the good development of the Chinese stationery manufacturing industry since the reform and opening-up.The traditional plastic products stationery has been greatly improved in the technology.Stationery products has formed series,strandardization and the product quality are stable.Some of them are has a certain price competitiveness in the international market.

Athough our proudcts has be the world widely attention,it has achieved the remarkable economic.There are the gap copared with the foreign countries in the technical level.To develop the stationery industry,improve the stationery product and the technology.Than to improve the developmnet of stationery industry and the benefit.

Increase the investment of stationery industry,developing the new products,techonlogy and promotion.Constantly to expand the stationery range.To improve the whold technical level and the market competitiveness,to seek the technology development  in the qualiy and kinds.

In order to meet the demand of the market.It should to increace the development of new products,to improve the product's quality,stationery variety and the production amount.In recent years,the demand of environmental protection,safety,recycling,innovation design is getting more and more.At precent,those prouduct still depand on the import wherther in design or workmanship.So that to create the high quality stationery is urgent need.

To strengthen the enterprise management,improve the productiong process,reduce the production cost and improve the benefit.We should take the way to bulid the stationery brand and actively participate in international competition.Then depend on the scientific and technological,increase investment in science and technology,updating equipment,create new technology, the reasearch and promotion for the new proudcts.To improve the Chinese statinoery indsutry in technology level.

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