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The strict trade barriers give more burdens to office stationery enterprises

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-18


           Since 2014,stationery exports of foreign trade has risen up,see from the surface of stationery exports,it is developing, but behind the prosperity is making waves.Despite the current running situation of China's foreign trade in general is good, but exports still faces various difficulties and uncertainties, external factors and internal factors interweave together,and long-term and short-term of contradictions coexist,too!So it is a problem to maintain steady and rapid growth of foreign trade.Obviously,The export trade barriers of Chinese stationery has been intensified contradictions.



          Technical barriers give heavier burden to enterprise


          In the European Union, the United States and other developed countries have undimmed requirements on the quality and safety of stationery,they have introduced the wider range, more strict inspection,and higher requirement of technical threshold.Therefore if they find that the stationery products exported to the EU member states can not meet their standards,then they would banne it, even if the products have entered to the country,it still have to be recalled.


           Cheap material to increase the risk of quality


           Foreign clients is strictly control the quality of stationery, under the influence of export environment, however, the increased costs let the export enterprises have to raise a lot of on sales price.When the abroad customers don't want to increase the price ,and some stationery enterprises dare not to order, or to seek cheaper alternative materials, thus increasing the risk of a quality.


           Industry transfer will have long-term threat


           After China's demographic dividend gradually disappear,the increasing labor costs makes the European and American countries start to find more cheap labor country.because the stationery industry chain of emerging countries is not yet perfect at present, the product quality, service, category,design still have to develop, stationery industry transfer is not large, it has a little effect on stationery industry in short-term, but with the development of the emerging market countries, the long-term threat of stationery industry transfer cannot be ignored.


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