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Stationery market has been hot before the new term

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-02


         The so-called "armed forces never start, but hay start faster", in this sentence is the same describing the stationery market, there is still a half of month before the new term, but the stationery market has already hot in selling stationery, sales promotion of books, audio and video and digital products has begun, various styles of students style in the department stores, such as supermarkets bags, pencil case, stationery, interdisciplinary counseling books,they are full in eyes;Notebooks, tablets, smart phones in digital square.Many parents take their children to choose.



          Every supermarket will launch large-scale stationery sales zone near the beginning of the term,A well-known brand of stationery is still popular with parents and children.Especially when choosing stationery for young children, the parents will not only pay attention to the appearance of the stationery,but also the environmental protection and safety of the stationery itself.


          Along with the transition of the stationery industry and the changing consumption idea of the consumers, more and more stationery not only stay on the appearance of change,but also the improving security of the stationery,especially the related safety standards, the improving certification standards can prompte the stationery manufacturers spend more mind to improve the comprehensive ability of stationery products.


          Security stationery become the focus of the new semester, it has certain influence from the "315" about the stationery safety problems tihis year,  when people are aware of the stationery safety problems is related to children's health, then will be increasingly concerned about the safety of the stationery.So the recognition for brand  is also gradually improving.If the consumers are recognize the brand of stationery products, then it is easier to get brand loyalty of the consumers.

          It is the most busy day in stationery market when the new term comes, in order to attract customers, many stationery manufacturers will are report new product, or the implementation of preferential to attract consumers' attention. No matter what method is, what is the most important is to give the best qulity of the products to parents.


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