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Famous stationery industry in Shantou

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-23


With the developing of wholesales industry,the coastal area of stationery industry has became the earliest stationery business circle in our country with its long history,low price.It is become the most complete wholesale stationery market in China office supplies.It is a developing miniature of China stationery wholesales.And we can learn more about the business in such stationery business circle.
Shantou,Shenzhen are the stationery production base in the Guangdong.Shenzhen have more than 10,0000 varieties of stationery products.Besides the broad stationery consumtion,lacated in the coastal areas of Guangdong.It is attracted many foreign investment.
With the development of the self-employed private economy.Shantou office supplies developing quickly.The stationery "Made in Shantou" have sold wll all over the China including HongKong,Macao and Taiwan.There are the large share in the office supplies.And it is recognized as China main stationery production.
There are the long-term history in Shantou stationery.There are the  talent, technology, equipment, qualification, brand foundation in Shantou.And it famous of the complete kinds of stationery inculding pen,paper,picture,cutting tools, glue and correction tape.Also extends to the products like briefcase,Injection molding machine, punch machine, the shredder and so on.Shantou stationery manufacturing enterprises are mainly concentrated in Chaoyang and Chaonan.According to statistics, there are more than 400 stationery manufacturers with 5000 employee.The total amount of annual value of production is 7.038 billion yuan.
In recent years, Shantou stationery industry with the good develping.In order to integration of resources, Shantou stationery association has founded in Chaonan by more than 70 enterprises on 6th, April last years.And the numbers take an active part in all kinds of national exhibition,to create a website and do more promotion.Then to improve the reputation both at home and abroad.
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